15 original gifts for Mother’s Day | If you want your mother to feel truly

If you want your mother to feel truly special, stop looking because these original gifts for mother’s day are a sure hit.

This year has made it difficult for us to find gifts for Mother’s Day and it is that under normal circumstances, our plan for Mother’s Day 2021 would be something like family celebrations in restaurants and cafes or even day trips (! maybe even longer trips!) to show our mothers how much we appreciate and love them. Although in many places borders and local services are closed, our hearts, minds and creativity should not be. Know more about tent.

What to give a mother?

There are still many original ideas and gifts for Mother’s Day and you are about to discover them.

bath bombs

Spa-like (but low-cost) and a good set of these bath bombs can turn a late-night or mid-afternoon soak into a spa-worthy experience. Bath salts and bombs are one of the most popular gifts for Mother’s Day and with which you will never look bad. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might even be able to use some. You might be interested in kids sleeping bag.


Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets… are usually typical details for these dates with the downside that they are usually expensive. But wait! Do you know that you can give gifts like these for Mother’s Day without spending too much ? (and also giving a second life to these accessories). You just have to look at our jewellery section and find the one that your mother might like the most. Learn more about the camping table.


Do you have an athlete mother or who has set out to be one (or at least a little more) Well, what better way to help her meet her goals than with tennis shoes, leggings, a tracksuit or even walking sticks.

sunflower growing kit

Does your mother like gardening or do you think she might? With this DIY kit, your mother will put a little sunshine in her life and in her garden. Because even if we talk about sunflowers, there are many plant growing kits that can become the most original gifts for Mother’s Day for this 2021.


If your mother is an inveterate reader and you would like to give her a tablet, but you don’t have the budget, what you need is an electronic book (ebook). They are one of the cheapest technological gifts and more, if you bicehas our cheap second-hand ebooks, with which for less than €30 you will have a spectacular gift for Mother’s Day.

essential oil diffuser

Does your mother need more zen moments than she has? Give her a gift to make her more relaxed while she works or even more relaxed while you rest . Oil diffusers are a great way to fill any room with comforting fragrances. Find out what your mother’s favorite plants and smells are and run to buy it.

smart watch

Does your mother still not have a smartwatch? Well, it’s time for you to choose a model as a gift for Mother’s Day. With them, your mother will be able to monitor her lifestyle, her sports activity, receive notifications and even make calls. In addition, you will not have to spend too much because there are smartwatches at very good prices in our store.

Alexa and/or Google Home

Does your mother spend all day asking you or your siblings for things? Well, it’s time to do them to her new voice assistant. From putting on music, telling the weather, cooking recipes, reading the news, calling on the phone… the list is endless. Why hadn’t you thought of this original idea for Mother’s Day?

Selection of Teas or Coffees

Sometimes the little details are the ones that count the most and a good selection of teas or coffees (depending on your tastes) can be one of the most original gifts for Mother’s Day. It is that typical thing that you would never buy, but if they give it to you, you accept it with pleasure.

personal care pack

Shadow here, shadow there, cream here and scrub to finish. Beauty and personal care packs are another of the most typical gifts for Mother’s Day, but they can’t be missing from any list , in case she forgot by chance.

New coffee or tea pot

If last year you already gave him a pack of teas or coffees, it is time to raise the level. Be original and look for more interesting models such as plunger, cold infusion, drip or even electronic coffee makers or kettles, the limit is set by your budget but… How much is a mother’s love worth?


I know it’s a no-brainer, but most people love receiving flowers, and moms are no exception! Take this opportunity to go to a flower shop or a supermarket, and choose the combination of flowers and colors that your mother likes the most to brighten up her house.

Create a basket with your mother’s favorite things

If you can’t think of something in particular, give her several Mother’s Day gifts together. You can buy a wicker basket or hamper and fill it with all of your mom’s favorite things: treats like chocolates or wine, bath and body items, candles, teas or coffee, or small handmade gifts or notes from you.

Make a little scrapbook or montage of your favorite videos

It was time to break out the scissors and glue to make some homemade Mother’s Day gifts. You don’t want to do this at the last minute though, as creating a scrapbook takes time , but the end result of a scrapbook is something very special to bring to life.

A detail of your favorite series, movie or book

Knowing what movie or book she likes, it wouldn’t hurt to get hold of some curious and fun piece of merchandising that will make her smile on Mother’s Day.

Beyond gifts: ideas for mother’s day

Subscription to Netflix, HBO, Disney+, etc..

In line with the above, had you thought that a subscription to a streaming platform could be an original gift for Mother’s Day? You choose which one. Give him a few months (or even a whole year) and…. sYou can always steal his account from time to time.

Prepare dinner, lunch or breakfast

Whether it’s a full English breakfast, smoked salmon and avocado toast, fresh croissants or pastries, or a stack of delicious pancakes, whip up your mom’s favorite brunch dishes for a wonderful Mother’s Day morning, afternoon or evening at home.

plan a trip together

We are all looking forward to traveling and your mother was not going to be less so instead of being saddened by the fact that you cannot travel at the moment, take this opportunity to plan the trip of your dreams! Choose a place where she wants to go and start investigating.

Leave post-it notes of all the things you like about your mother everywhere in the house.

Everyone loves cheap mother’s day gifts and this idea is practically free . Write down everything that comes to mind: memories, reasons why you love them, things you are grateful for, things you appreciate. Leave them in places throughout their routine, for example, on the bathroom mirror, on the toilet paper roll, in the closet… And enjoy their surprise.

cook together

Many of us have fond memories of baking with our mothers when we were young… So bring it back now that you’re an adult! Whether in your kitchen or zoom kitchen, gather the ingredients and have fun together in the kitchen. The baking options for Mother’s Day are endless.

nothing better than a ride

Depending on where you’re spending Mother’s Day, this is a great way to get outside and get a change of scenery while doing something for Mother’s Day. You can have a coffee on a morning walk, or if local restrictions allow it, do some outdoor sports with a day trip or a bike ride.

Do your mom’s favorite hobbies together

Let your mother decide what you are going to do that day, and let her plan (or even if you know her well, you could plan) a day full of activities just for her. From going for a run together, reading together, listening to a podcast, doing some gardening together, or more, even if it’s Mother’s Day in lockdown, it can be a Mother’s Day filled with things she loves.

Give him a spa day at home

The spa voucher is usually one of the most common Mother’s Day gifts, but here we are giving you ideas with which to achieve the same result at a lower price. Put on all the ordered masks, treat them both to a new skincare set, fill the tub with bubbles and essential oils, turn on the spa lighting and music, and top it off with a light, healthy dinner.

Prepare coupons with things to do together

A gift idea for Mother’s Day could be to make coupons or vouchers to do everything that you have not been able to do in all this time. Whether it’s a coffee at your mother’s favorite coffee shop, a dinner at her favorite restaurant, a massage at the local spa… Put on something that makes her look forward to it.

Host a cheese and wine night or try a virtual wine tasting.

Don’t let the distance separate you, get into the kitchen and get to work. Create your own cheese board, grab your favorite bottle of wine and spend the night enjoying the flavors and reminiscing about your childhood memories.

We hope you are not reading this, because that would mean that among all the gifts for Mother’s Day you have found the perfect one. But if you have come to the end and none of our original ideas and gifts for Mother’s Day have convinced you… one of two things: either your mother is very special (we are not the ones to question her tastes) or you still have a gift more original in mind Tell us, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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