From Kids Play Kitchen to the Real Thing

Not many long ago, you pined to have anything your mom had, from the various table to her kitchen area. When you and your cousins finally had your kids play kitchens, you pestered mom with no-bake goodies because you got tired of the play dough. Now it is your turn at the real kitchen center playing the Mommy Chef with a big difference by going organic.

Why Go Organic?

Do you remember your kids play kitchens where you whipped up playdough doughnuts? You created all the goodies you loved, but you never crafted your play dough to resemble the veggies your mom pleaded you to eat. Now it’s reckoning time, you have kids, and you want them to love the greens you hated at sight. Although you mean well, you may be harming your kids by forcing them to eat anything that has a green or orange color. Read our interesting article about 2 kids 1 sandbox.

Going organic is getting stuff that is grown without pesticides and fertilizers. When it comes to food, you have options for fruits and vegetables built without a deadly concoction of pesticides and fertilizers sticking to each. Your friendly tomato is no longer reliable, and other veggies are loaded with toxic stuff that can kill.

If you were the mommy chef, you wouldn’t dream of feeding your little darlings Brussels sprouts heavily laced with synthetic fertilizers. But what do you feed your family if everything is suspiciously non-organic?

Look for products certified by the US Department of Agriculture. The certification assures you that the land where the greens come from is free from toxic stuff. This time, it’s no longer kid’s play. Kitchens have to be serious – you’re a mommy now.

Tasty, Healthy, and Fun Nibbles and Drinks

Little did you know back then when you and your best friend slaved at your kid’s play kitchens, that cooking was a big responsibility. Your mom made dishes look dull, and playing at your kid’s play kitchens was fun. You didn’t have to worry about fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically altered living things. You could whip up anything that looked like the dishes your mom served back then.

Now the stark realization – it’s hard for kids to LOVE veggies. Call it karma. Your mom is probably wincing at your ordeal. It’s not tough really, but it takes PATIENCE, lots of it to make kids love vegetables organic or not. You have to be creative just as you were when you “queened” it over the kid’s play kitchen.

Here’s a tip, if they can’t eat it have them drink it or bake the veggies. One enterprising mom made buns from pumpkins. She grated it, mixed it with flour, milk, sugar, and eggs and deep-fried it. Her kid was happily chewing on it, not realizing it was their dreaded pumpkin.

Teach the Kids through Play

Take the time to help them fashion their play dough carrots and tomatoes. Let them pretend they are pureeing or juicing vegetables and fruits. At mealtimes, show them the real fruit juice you have made. The novelty of it will entice them to try the mommy chef’s creations.

Play stimulates learning and understanding. In their little minds, your toddlers see themselves as the mommy chef. They’ll urge their dolls, and stuffed toys to eat the veggies from their kids play kitchens. It will take time though before they love their vegetables, but helping them acquire a taste for greens should start now when they are young, right organic Mommy Chef?