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How much does it cost to change the phone battery? Continue to browse our site we are a laboratory specializing in the repair of Huawei, Apple, Samsung devices and more. We carry out all types of repairs on your broken or malfunctioning smartphone. We can intervene and repair both hardware and software damage. We mainly work on the best models on the market.

The cost to change the battery of your Huawei obviously depends on the model. At our laboratory, the intervention starts at a price of 49 euros . The operation is carried out by specialized personnel, in this way surprises and technical problems are avoided and everything is guaranteed to work better than before.

Contact us without obligation if you want to know the costs based on the model of device in your possession. You can ask us how much it costs to change the battery or how much it costs to change the iphone battery replacement or iPhone charge port repair. Call us also if you need a glass replacement, but also if you need a screen replacement. We specialize in  glass and display replacement. In short, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know all the costs of the repair of the phone . On this page you can find more details:

Why rely on the hands of an expert?

Because in our laboratory each device is taken over by one of our expert and trained technicians, able to always apply the best technical solution. In this way, each customer will be able to fully recover the smartphone avoiding the purchase of a new one. To guarantee this to each of our customers, we have invested in the best machinery and developed procedures, which allow us to recover the full efficiency of the telephone. Each of our operations involving battery replacement is covered by a three-month warranty 

We don’t just take care of replacing the battery. In fact, passing by us you can also ask us how much it costs to replace the glass of the mobile phone in addition to the common repairs on smartphones and computers: if the former mainly change batteries, displays, glasses, charging connectors, the latter carry out operations such as formatting, repair of internal components and lcd change.  We strongly believe in what we do because we are passionate about our work. Just as we are passionate about the discovery of new machinery and techniques that allow us to always offer the customer the best there is at the moment.

Reasons why you should choose us:

1) We have excellent value for money

The repair techniques we have developed over time allow us to give customers an original and low cost product. We aim a lot at originality because it means providing the customer with a very high quality service without future problems. This is an advantage that differentiates us from other laboratories and testifies that our professionalism aims at the full satisfaction of the customer who needs to replace the battery of his Huawei.

2) We are fast and prepared

We are fast and our repair times guarantee us to return the device in a couple of hours. Unlike the others we do not say “service in an hour”, because a good job is only possible by carrying out all the necessary checks as appropriate.

3) We apply a price without nasty surprises

No surprise. With us you will have the security of the best price on the market. Should we cause ‘damage’ to your device, there will be no additional cost for you but it will all be refunded at our expense.

4) You don’t run the risk of losing your data

Your data is safe. With us no loss of stored data ever. In fact, we can guarantee that this will never happen: except in cases where there is a software or motherboard problem. Your data will not be touched. In any case, we always strongly recommend to make the backup, because the unexpected can still happen.

5) We respect the environment

Respect for the environment is a value we believe in. This is why we preferred to buy machinery that aims at this. If the glass is broken we only change a small part of the phone and keep the rest intact by keeping the amount of waste to a minimum.

6) We collect and deliver directly to your home

Additional service when necessary is the free collection of the product and its replacement at the customer’s home, within 20 km. The time taken to move will slightly lengthen the return times of the repaired product.

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