How to design the lighting of a gamer room

Do you want to improve the lighting of your gamer room? We give you different ideas and configurations, tips to put the lights, tricks that will help you and above all, we tell you what you have to buy so you can show off RGB.

Preparing the right environment for a night of gaming, whether competitive or on your own, is not so simple. And it is that although RGB lights do not improve the performance of our computer, they can improve ours by achieving an even more immersive atmosphere. Because whether it’s long sessions of playing alone or with your friends, there is an illumination for the fourth gamer of each type of gamer . In short, depending on what we are looking for, the lighting in a gamer room can be both functional and decorative. Learn more about kupujem prodajem crna gora.

Advantages of having good lighting in your gamer room

It offers an immersive experience: when we play we are not only aware of the screen, our surroundings play an important role in how we immerse ourselves in each video game. Choosing a layout, color and type of light will help you to improve your concentration, keep calm in the most tense moments of the game or simply immerse yourself in the story.

Accompany your mood: if the monotony of white or yellow ceiling lights bores you or even overwhelms you, it is possible that the multicolor of a gamer lighting for your room will help you really enjoy when you play. And it is that RGB can help you create a relaxing, cozy and enveloping environment, not sharp and ordinary like the one in the office or school.

It is practical: although many of the advantages of having good lighting in your gamer room have to do with an aesthetic component, we must not overlook how practical gamer lighting systems can be. And it is that if the white lights dazzle the TV screen too much, with good gaming lighting you can adjust the colors and intensity so that this does not happen.

Create a unique environment: if, like for many, your computer or console is in the same room where you study, work or even sleep, it is normal that you may hate that room. Gaming lighting helps us combat this, and by closing the windows and turning on the lights we can radically change the aesthetics of the room to focus on enjoying our favorite video games in conditions.

Tips when choosing the lighting for a gamer room

The best and worst thing about lighting systems to create a gamer room is that there are many options: projectors, portable lights, led strips, light bulbs, etc. With so many options, how can you know which is the best gaming lighting? To find out, follow these four tips:

Decide the amount of light you need: A gamer room needs much less lighting than other types of rooms. With this in mind, if your room is the size of a standard office, you can probably make do with an overhead light, a laser projector, or dim lighting from the corners of the room. If, on the other hand, you need lighting for a gamer room like a basement, things change, having to bet on bulbs with more lumens of power.

Decide where to place the lights: If you are thinking of placing lights behind the screen, a dim LED light will be ideal for your setup. However, if what you want is to create a totally immersive environment in the room, go for a good pair of laser projectors for the ceiling and points of light in the corners and the profiles of the furniture or the room itself.

Choose colors well: we all have one or more favorite colors, but not all colors are suitable for lighting a gaming room. Take into account the intensity of the colors and the colors of the furniture and your walls and do experiments before launching into lighting the room completely. There are RGB lighting systems that allow you to simulate any color, so try it out until you find the perfect combination to play without your eyes getting tired.

Best lighting packs for a gamer room

The time has come to tell you which are our favorite lighting packs to set up a fourth magazine gamer. And it is that depending on the environment you are looking to achieve and your budget, you can add from a minimalist table lamp to strips of colored LED lights on the wall that dance and react to the rhythm of the music. Our list covers a wide variety of interesting and highly-reviewed products that are sure to enhance your gaming experience.

Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition

The Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition light panels have gained a lot of popularity among the gaming community in a very short time. The reason? They offer an unrivaled color scheme and level of customization in addition to an eye-catching but not over the top aesthetic. The amazing thing about this gaming room lighting system is that each triangular panel can be changed to create any configuration you want.

So much so that you can configure the color and behavior of each individual panel (100 lumens each) based on hundreds of preset themes or by creating your own via the Nanoleaf Smarter Series app. In addition, as if that were not enough, this gamer lighting system has an integrated microphone that allows the light panels to listen and “dance” with nearby audio.


  • Smart RGB Wall Light Panel
  • Compatible with Smart Home
  • Lumens 100 (per panel)
  • RGB Color

Lifx Beam Sconces

If you liked the gaming lighting and customization of the Nanoleaf Rhythm light panels, but want something more minimalist, we present the LIFX Beam. Each individual beam measures about 30cm and includes 10 addressable RGB zones and comes in a set of six pieces.

As for the customization capacity, you can link several of them in the way you want (in a square, in an L-shape, following a straight line or framing something). And it is that if you place it with good taste, the final result of the lighting of your gamer room can be impressive. Each individual beam can reach a maximum of 1,200 lumens , which is more than enough to add equal parts light, vibrancy and color to your room.


  • RGB Smart Wall Light
  • Compatible with Smart Home
  • 1200 lumens (per beam)
  • RGB Color

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus

If you value simplicity, an RGB light strip is probably the easiest way to add some light to your gaming room’s ambient lighting. And the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus is one of the best kits on the market in this regard. The base kit includes a 1.8 meter strip of 1,600 lumens , with enough power to be the only light source in the entire installation.

However, the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus is intended to be installed behind or under desks and screens for a more indirect and softer lighting effect. As for personalization, you can control their intensity, colors and behavior through the Philips Hue Bluetooth App. The downside though is that you need to purchase and pair the Hue Bridge to unlock compatibility with Smart Home systems.


  • smart RGB strip
  • Compatible with Smart Home (requires Hue Bridge)
  • 1600 lumens
  • RGB Color

GLW RGB Flood Lights

If you have to design the lighting of a larger than necessary gaming room and you cannot place long lines of LED strips along all the walls, GLW RGB Flood lights are the best solution to your problem. With over 3,600 lumens per light (two come in each kit), this gaming lighting system is incredibly bright and more than enough to add color and light to an entire room. You can use these gamer spotlights to illuminate directly and indirectly , and when you place them correctly, entire walls can be filled with vibrant colors.

Unfortunately, this gaming lighting kit does not have any smart home functionality. Instead, you’ll get a remote control with 16 colors to choose from, four different lighting modes and brightness control to let them be set to your liking.


  • RGB spotlight
  • 3600 lumens
  • RGB color (16 colors)

Encalife Galaxy Projector

If you want to give a special and unique touch to the lighting in your gamer room, the EncaLife Galaxy projector is one of the best and most exclusive lights you can imagine. With this device you can fill the walls and ceiling with fascinating points of light that resemble the clouds of a nebula in a distant galaxy.

With its SmartLife application, you can control from the color to the brightness of projected figures, as well as the speed at which they move across the ceiling. Design-wise, the projector is small enough to fit under your desk or next to a cabinet . It has four different angles that it can be positioned at, allowing it to be aimed directly at the ceiling, the walls, or a combination of both.


  • RGB wall and ceiling projector
  • Compatible with Smart Home
  • 200 lumens
  • RGB Color

Corsair Icue LT100

The last of the lighting systems for a fourth gamer that we want to recommend to you are the Corsair iCUE LT100 bars. This set of two tower lamps cast a vibrant, diffused glow that works great as an ambient light source. The LT100 is powered by Corsair’s incredible iCUE lighting software that you’ll be used to as a gamer, allowing you to choose from a multitude of unique lighting presets as well as create your own.

Additionally, the Corsair Icue LT100 can also be synced with other iCUE-compatible Corsair products (keyboards, mice, computer cooling, etc.) making the LT100 a great option if you already own other Corsair products.


  • smart tower lamp
  • Lumens 1600 (per tower)
  • RGB Color

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