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The United Arab Emirates has been attracting tourists for many years with its oriental exoticism, the highest level of service, unseen wonders and warm sea all year round.

However, tourists who dream of coming to this beautiful country face one small obstacle – Russians need a visa to travel to the UAE. Know more about Podgorica.

It can be issued without major difficulties at the travel agency where the ticket was purchased, but if you prefer independent travel, obtaining a visa should not be a problem.

What visa is required for the UAE?

Several types of visas allow you to enter the UAE: guest, transit, cruise, work, tourist. Which one do you need to complete?

Applying for a visa for the UAE

A tourist visa can be issued through several organizations. These are the Visa Application Center in Dubai, the Abu Dhabi Visa Application Center, the Visa Application Center for Asian Countries, the UAE Visa Application Centers or the Embassy in Russia. Let’s see which one is best for you.

  • The Visa Application Center in Dubai issues visas to those tourists who arrive at Dubai Airport by Emirates.
  • For tourists who decide on the Visa Application Center for Abu Dhabi , the prerequisite is the use of the airport of this city and Etihad Airways.
  • The Asian Visa Application Center and the visa centers or embassies of the UAE do not impose any restrictions, in addition, they impose simplified requirements for documents, so places for simple visa processing are desirable.

Sample visa for the UAE

The visa of the United Arab Emirates, unlike the visas of many other countries, is not pasted on the passport page. It is, so to speak, an electronic resolution on a plain A4 sheet, and the print can be in black and white, including a photograph. A visa with a unique number is sent to each tourist by e-mail in pdf format.

Visa documents for the UAE

And finally, the most important question: what documents do you need to attach to get the desired visa for the Emirates?

Since we have found that the most favorable organization is the visa center, we offer a list of documents to submit to this organization.

  • Photograph, original or scanned, electronically in Jpeg format. Its width should be from 200 to 400 pixels, and height – from 257 to 514. Of course, the photo should be in color, the background should be bright.
  • Scan the main page of the foreign passport (indicating the number, date of birth and other data) in high resolution – at least 900 x 2000 pixels. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of return from the trip.
  • Application form, which can be found and completed on the Visa Application Center website.
  • Form or booking tickets in both directions (you can also, but not necessarily, submit a hotel booking confirmation).
  • Certificate from the place of work, or a bank statement, or a copy of the visa received in the last 5 years (American, English or Schengen visas are suitable).

You can submit the documents directly at the visa center office or electronically on the official website.

Obtaining all these documents is not difficult.

I myself got a visa for the UAE, in a short time, through the visa application center, in December 2013. It turned out that it was not difficult at all.

Just in case Let’s take a closer look at some elements. when applying for a visa for the UAE:

Photo for a visa to the UAE The photo must be in color and on a light background. Also an important condition is that it must be made in the last six months and not be in the passport.

The UAE visa photo should look something like this

The photo can be 3 x 4 or 4 x 5 cm, and the tourist’s face must occupy at least 80% of the photo.

UAE visa application

The visa application form for the Emirates, presented on the visa center website, is quite typical and will not be difficult to complete.

Financial guarantees for the UAE visa

If you have already received a certificate for obtaining a visa for the Schengen countries at work, then your application for such a visa for the Emirates will not be a surprise.

The certificate must be printed on the memorandum of the organization, must state your position and average monthly salary (at least 40,000 rubles), must have the company’s seal and the signature of the responsible person (director or head of human resources).

The certificate must be printed in color and, if possible, have a duplicate in English.

As for the bank account statement, it should reflect cash receipts and expenditures for the last six months, with a total turnover of at least $ 10,000.

BUT! When my young man and I applied for a transit visa for the UAE through the UAE Visa Application Center website, we first filled in his details and provided an excerpt from his account, and I was not required to submit any financial statements because I designated Mladic as a fiancé with a report. on account revenue.

That is, I did not have to prove my financial ability. Keep in mind.

Additional visa requirements in the UAE

If you are planning to travel with children who have their own foreign passport, it is necessary to apply for a special visa.

In addition to the basic documents, you will also need a sponsorship letter from a tourist for whom financial guarantees are provided (it can be written by hand and does not have to be notarized).

In addition, the consulate may additionally request a copy of the birth certificate. E

If the child is traveling with only one parent, then the other must write and certify their consent to travel, and it is advisable to make a duplicate translated into English.

In order not to delay the visa review period, it is better to prepare these documents in advance.

Visa features for the UAE

To get a visa without problems, it is important to remember some of the features inherent in the emirate’s visa regime.

Price and conditions of visa processing for the UAE

The cost of a tourist visa consists of two parts – consular and visa.

The first part is 220 AED (approximately 3500 rubles, per dirham exchange rate), and the part for a visa is 1000 r when submitting documents online and 1500 r when receiving documents in the office.

In total, approximately 4,500 rubles for a tourist visa for 28 days.

A tourist visa is more expensive than a transit visa, but cheaper than a cruise visa.

When submitting documents to the visa center, payment can be made remotely, by card and cash at the office.

On average, 4-5 working days are required for processing and issuing a visa (public holidays, Friday, Saturday and the day of submitting documents are not taken into account).

Obtaining a visa to the UAE

Now that you know all the nuances of getting a visa for the UAE, this procedure will not be a problem for you.

Take the documents to the visa center in your city, or better yet, apply directly to the visa center website and you will get your visa by e-mail very soon and you will be able to enjoy your vacation in this extraordinary country!

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