PlayStation 5 receives a new firmware update

Sony has released a new version of the firmware for PlayStation 5 , the 21.02-04.02.00, which has a weight of 913 MB. as usual, the download will start if the console is connected to the Internet and the automatic downloads option is activated. This is a version that improves stability and does not add user-visible functions; a major one was recently released that allowed you to expand internal storage and more.

An important  update was recently launched with new functions, including the possibility of expanding the internal storage, the option to reproduce 3D audio from the integrated speakers on any screen and many others such as certain improvements in the interface, so this version of Officially it only improves stability and fixes some kind of bug.

The latest version of the firmware, the second major system update since its release, allows you to expand internal storage space with the installation of a separately purchased M.2 SSD . Once the new component is in place, players will be able to download, move and play both PS5 and PS4 games without the need for their loading speed to be compromised. An unannounced feature was also found, and that is that it improve the performance of the games, at least in those that use ray-tracing lighting.

Sony team has ideas for the next updates

“We learned a lot with PS4 and we continue to learn about how players use the system and how games behave. We know what is the most accepted and the most popular; what functions are not used,” Hideaki Nishino said of plans for upcoming updates. “We had a gigantic list of things before the PS5 launch that we wanted to do. In fact, we dream of doing everything. There are interesting, exciting, and fantastic ideas on the list.

We change the behavior of the interface quite often . Sometimes we do some customizations for a certain group of people to see how these functions are used. Now it is something dynamic,” said Nishino. If you want more updates regarding technology visit our site daily.

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