Skoda Fabia 2021, new generation with increased measures

Now in the process of being launched, the new Skoda Fabia is the 4th generation of the model, with a notable increase in size and continuing its position as a versatile subcompact.

The Fabia is the second sales pillar of the Czech brand of the Volkswagen group, with 4.5 million units sold in its 20 years of life in the world. In recent years it has experienced a drop, perhaps due to a lack of global updating in the strategic process, which is now being done with the 2021 model with which Skoda brings out its true personality. Know more about vw volkswagen passat ne shitje.

And it has been done by achieving a more attractive and emotional design, although continuous in its general lines. It now includes a very wide chrome grille around its perimeter, which incorporates a variable opening of its slats, as well as new full-LED headlights and three-dimensional taillights extended towards the tailgate.

Its level of aerodynamics has been improved to a drag coefficient ( Cx of 0.28 , which has contributed to a reduction in consumption of 0.2 litres/100 km. Let us remember that what Cx measures is the aerodynamic efficiency of a car: the lower it is, the less aerodynamic resistance to the car’s progress and, therefore, less consumption and more performance. Currently most cars move between 0.25 and 0.40.

It offers new body colors, up to 9 possibilities (including Phoenix orange and Graphite grey) and also a wide range of wheels ranging from 15” to 19”.

The new Fabia has been built on the new platform of the German group MQB-A0, managing to extend its wheelbase and its length (its wheelbase even exceeds that of the first Octavia 25 years ago). The width also increases by 5 cm and the height of the model, as well as the trunk also increases in capacity:

SKODA FABIA 2021 Length m Anchura m Height m Batalla m trunk liters
  4,11 1,78 1,46 2,56 380 – 1.190

Highly technical interior and larger dimensions

The enlarged dimensions of the model have made it possible to improve its habitability with greater legroom in the rear seats and a very evident interior spaciousness in all positions, including the trunk, as we have seen.

Details that its rivals already showed, such as its new steering wheel, heated windshield and dual-zone climate control, have been incorporated.

In addition, its new dashboard incorporates a new 10.25” configurable digital screen to act as the instrument panel and a new floating touch screen of up to 9.2” that presides over the entire set . On both sides of the dashboard are the classic circular air vents with horizontal grilles and multiple appliqués, even below the central infotainment screen.

The system incorporates the possibility of inserting an eSIM card for a constant connection, being able to receive internet radio , access the latest applications and enjoy “Skoda Connect” mobile services . In addition, Smartphones can be connected to the Fabia via wireless “ SmartLink ” and even charged inductively in the Phone Box.

It has a high-end “Amunsen” equipment that can be operated with gesture control and with a “Laura” digital voice assistant.

It is worth highlighting what they call “ simply clever ” with 45 practical solutions that make life easier for the members of the vehicle:

  • Elastic band as pen holder
  • Pockets to accommodate mobile phones in the backrests of the front seats
  • Optional box in transmission tunnel to store small items
  • Clip for a credit card or a parking ticket
  • Flexible boot compartment located in the side wall
  • Center console recess
  • Storage compartment/pouch under the luggage cover (up to 3.5 kg weight)
  • Sunshade for optional panoramic roof , which folds down to store under the boot lid
  • Optional removable cup holder between the front seats
  • Folding front passenger seat backrest
  • USB-C socket in the rearview mirror (Optional Style level)

Equipment levels and engines

The offer of the model has been combined with the 4 levels of equipment / classic finishes already known in Skoda, which are ” Active “, ” Ambition “, ” Style ” and ” Montecarlo “, the latter being the sportiest that will be marketed later. .

The possible engines are all gasoline (from the EVO family of Volkswagen Euro 6d), with a 1,000 cc tri-cylindrical block that will be common to almost all , with atmospheric MPI versions of 65 and 80 hp (up to 9.5 mkg of torque). maximum engine and 5-speed manual gearbox), and with TSI direct injection turbocharged versions with 95 and 110 hp (the first with a 5-speed manual transmission and the second with an automated 7-speed DSG transmission and double clutch).

It also offers the 1.5 TSI engine with 150 CV and 4 cylinders that incorporates selective disconnection of “ACT” cylinders, with DSG gearbox and with very brilliant performance (25.5 mkg of torque) since it reaches 225 km/h and is capable of going from stopped up to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds. Later, the all-wheel drive will also be incorporated into this new generation of the Fabia.

With regard to safety , the new Fabia has been equipped with driving aids and assistants typical of higher-end vehicles , such as the following:

  • Lane Keeping Assistant
  • Park Assist semi-autonomous parking assistant
  • smart cruise control
  • Autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist recognition
  • traffic sign reader
  • Blind spot presence sensor
  • Sistema Travel Assist

launch prices

The new Skoda Fabia 2021 is produced at the brand’s main plant in Mladá Boleslav, and will be commercially launched next November , at which time it will already be available at dealerships.

It can already be ordered in Spain from €17,160 (RRP) , although the 1.5 TSI version will go on sale somewhat later.

The official prices for versions (PVP) without considering discounts or promotions yet, are the following:

 MODEL CV power Change FINISH Recommended RRP €
FABIA 1.0 MPI EVO 80 Manual 5 vel. Active 17.160 €
FABIA 1.0 MPI EVO 80 Manual 5 vel. Ambition 18.360 €
FABIA 1.0 TSI EVO 95 Manual 5 vel. Active 17.960 €
FABIA 1.0 TSI EVO 95 Manual 5 vel. Ambition 19.160 €
FABIA 1.0 TSI EVO 95 Manual 5 vel. Sport/Style 20.560 €
FABIA 1.0 TSI EVO 110 Manual 6 vel. Ambition 19.660 €
FABIA 1.0 TSI EVO 110 Manual 6 vel. Sport/Style 21.060 €
FABIA 1.0 TSI EVO 110 DSG 7 vel. Ambition 20.210 €
FABIA 1.0 TSI EVO 110 DSG 7 vel. Sport/Style 21.610 €
FABIA 1.5 TSI EVO 150 DSG 7 vel.

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