The best gaming chairs on the market: 7 models to play in glory

Whether it’s to play, work, or watch Netflix, having a good chair is vital, that’s why we’ve compiled 7 of the best gaming chairs on the market. Take a seat!

To play, to telework, to watch series and even to dramatically turn around while petting a cat, gaming chairs are good for everything, but only the best deserve a place in our top. And this is a very serious issue, since at the end of the day we spend more hours sitting than our GP would recommend. If we do not want to end up visiting the chiropractor (spoiler: it is not pleasant), investing a little more than necessary in a chair makes a difference. Know more about harry potter puzzle.

But it is not easy to decide which one to stay with, and if we look for the best gaming chairs from the best gaming chair brands, we can be surprised by the price they can reach (and that does not mean that they do not deserve their price). If you are already a connoisseur and want to know which are the best gamer chairs (typical of the glorious pc gaming master race) go to the end of our article. But if, on the other hand, you are unfamiliar and are looking for the best quality-price gaming chairs, make yourself as comfortable as you can (in your non-gaming chair) because we are going to explain what you need. You might be interested in harry potter 3d puzzle.

Index of contents
1. The top gaming chair brands
2. What should you take into account before choosing your gaming chair?
3. The 4 best quality-price gaming chairs

  • Drift DR50 (€90)
  • Nacon CH-300 (€99)
  • Talius Gecko (124€)
  • Newskill Kitsune (€150)

4. Our top 3 professional gaming chairs

  • Drift DR500 (€249)
  • Talius Cayman (€294)
  • Secretlab Omega (From €359)

5. What is the gaming chair of the year?

The top gaming chair brands

We have not been able to include all the gaming chairs that we would have liked in this article because in the end we had to keep the chairs of the best brands to close a top to match. So, if you want to know which brands of gaming chairs deserve our respect, apart from those present in our top, they are the following. Learn more about harry potter 3d puzzle costco.

  • secretlab
  • drift
  • Corsair
  • Newskill
  • Talius
  • DX Racer
  • AKRacing

Virtually any of these brands of gaming chairs will give you what you are looking for, with a surprising quality-price ratio. And it is that, when you try a gaming chair you do not want anything else , but it is very important that they are resistant, adapt to our body, offer us a lot of mobility and do not deform quickly over time. And this is precisely what we are going to talk about next.

What should you take into account before choosing your gaming chair?

When we start looking for the best gaming chairs on the market, we will find that, despite having different prices, they all look the same. Made with high-density foam, with resistant leather, with finishes for all tastes, armrests with different angles… All these issues are important, but we are going to give you some tips so that you can choose the best gamer chair with criteria.


The right materials can sometimes make the difference between any gaming chair and the best gaming chairs on the market. And it is that, in general, the chairs that we can find are made of synthetic leather, imitation leather or authentic leather in the best of cases.

  • Genuine leather: absorbs and releases moisture better, thus reducing sweat and keeping the chair cooler, it is much more durable than its synthetic alternatives.
  • Synthetic leather (PU): made up of the residue of the original leather and a polyurethane (PU) coating, it is less resistant and breathable than genuine leather, but it gives a similar finish and allows gaming chairs to be manufactured with better value for money.
  • Plastic leather (PVC): imitation leather based on a mixture of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and additives that make it softer and more flexible, imitating leather. It is the cheapest alternative at the cost of losing resistance and breathability, but we gain resistance to humidity and stains.
  • Fabric: Fabric gaming chairs are rare, but they also exist and their main advantage is that they are more breathable than leather and its imitations (which means less sweat and heat retention). The downside of fabric is that it is less resistant to water and stains.

Size and weight

Whether we are tall, large or simply corpulent, or on the contrary we are rather short or thin, reviewing the size and maximum supported weight of the gaming chair that we want to buy should be one of our priorities.

There are larger chairs than others and that support more weight, so it is worth taking a look at their technical characteristics just in case.


From fixed armrests , to elevating, with movement in 2D, 3D and 4D , the different models of gaming chairs offer a multitude of options in this regard. Because it may seem silly, but that our arms can be in the right position while we type is 25% of the comfort of the chair. Can you imagine that the armrests of your gaming chair, in addition to being fixed, are too high or low compared to the height of your table? Pretty brown…

balancing system

Nothing in life gives more pleasure while playing, working or watching a series on the computer than being able to rock back and forth until the chair is in the right position of comfort. Well, we will not be able to do this with all gaming chairs, since there are from those that have fixed positions, to those that can lie down up to 180 degrees as if it were a bed. Taking into account our preferences and our positions when choosing one will be totally key.

The 4 best quality-price gaming chairs

Now yes, the time has come for you to meet our top of the best quality-price gaming chairs, because although these types of chairs are more expensive than the average, their price is well worth the comfort of using them on a daily basis. Of course, the courteous does not take away from the brave, so it is not necessary to go to the most exclusive models to find many of the best gaming chairs on the market.

Drift DR50

The quality, at a good price, is from Drift, and this well-known brand offers us the Drift DR50 model for a price of €90, being one of the best quality-price gaming chairs due to the ridiculous relationship between what it offers for a such a low price. If you are thinking of buying an Ikea chair, we recommend you invest a little more and buy this gamer chair.

In terms of its features , it has the basics, but essential : polyurethane coating (PU), FOAM padding, fixed padded armrests, class 4 piston to support a lot of weight, tilting seat, adjustable height, lumbar cushion, available in three colors (red, black and blue).

Nacon CH-300

If you are a gamer you have to know Nacom, because this brand is not exclusively dedicated to making computer peripherals, but also has several fairly decent gaming chair models. Among them we wanted to highlight the Nacon CH-300 which has a price of €99 to everyone’s surprise for the quality it offers.

And it is that despite the fact that it is a gamer chair with its years, it is still a more than recommended alternative if we want to have a comfortable gaming chair without spending too much. As for its features, it has what you see: slightly adjustable armrests, polyurethane leather, holds up to 160 kilos, reclining backrest and a single color model in black and blue with the brand’s logo.

talius gecko

For the next alternative we raise the price a little, but not much, because the Talius Gecko is priced at €124 and has a lot to offer. What makes it one of the best gaming chairs in quality price par excellence, chosen as the first gamer chair by many users.

If we take a look at it, we see certain improvements with respect to the rest of the models on the market in that price range, such as: quality materials, high design to support everything comfortably (head, neck, shoulders, back and lumbar), polyurethane finish, high density, height-adjustable armrests and a fairly wide reclining capacity.

Newskill Kitsune

The latest model of the best quality-price gaming chairs that manages to gain a foothold in this top is the Newskill Kitsune for an amazing price of €150. A high profile chair, with good materials and finishes that surprises for its price (especially if we find it on sale).

The model does not skimp on features, especially at the design level, with: lumbar and trapezoidal cushions that prevent muscle overload, an ergonomic design that adjusts to the curves of the back, height-adjustable and padded armrests, highly reclining backrest , good materials and a fairly neat range of colors.

Our top 3 professional gaming chairs

Here things get serious, because we are no longer just looking for good gaming chairs, we are looking for the best gaming chairs. And believe us that it has been very easy to identify them because few models come to offer the necessary technology and quality to reach the top of our top. We are not going to make you wait any longer sitting down, because what we want is that when you see these models you get up from your chair to go directly to buy them.

Drift DR500

If you have been involved in the world of gaming for years, you know Drift, one of the best manufacturer brands of one of the best gaming chairs in our top that, in addition to being the sponsor of Vodafone Giants, was a pioneer (back in 2015) in starting to manufacture this type of chairs. And we can say bluntly that the Drift DR500 is one of its strongest offerings and we have not put it in the previous category because apart from its good value for money, it is simply one of the best gaming chairs we can find.

And it is that the Drift DR500 does not skimp on anything, since it has: 4D armrests (adjustable in height, angle, depth and direction), a high-density foam (65 Kg/m3) reserved for premium models, good synthetic leather and the newest and best rocking system that shifts your center of gravity naturally as you recline to glory.

We could throw away the entire article about why the Drift DR500 for €249 is one of the best gaming chairs on the market, but we have more candidates to be purchased and so as not to get winded, we leave you with the specifications.

Name Drift DR500
Price €249
outer material High quality soft PU (Polyurethane)
internal material Super High Density Foam 65 Kg/m3
armrests Adjustable (4D) with polyurethane padding
Base Type: star | Finish: painted black | Dimensions: 700mm
Wheel material:nylon
Elevator 80mm Class 4 gas spring
Back Adjustable 90-135º
Cushions Cervical and lumbar
swingarm Double Action (Frog Mechanism)
General measures 70 x 126-136 x 55 cm (width x height x depth)
Net weight 25kg
Maximum weight 150 kg (Maximum weight allowed with the backrest in an upright position)
Colors Red (DR500R), Blue (DR500BL), Green (DR500G), Black (DR500B)

Talius Cayman

We raise the price a bit and make the leap to Talius, the next brand of gaming chairs on our list that offers a TOP model that lives up to expectations. Although the price is a little higher as we already mentioned, this gaming chair offers some special details that we do not find in other chairs on the market (or at least with the same finish).

The Caiman in addition to having a synthetic leather (PU) covering, a wide-angle adjustable backrest and the coveted 4D armrests, the Talius Caiman offers a built-in footrest and polyurethane wheels with which to glide, as if on in-line skates. were treated, while we are fully stretched enjoying the comfort of a premium gaming chair.

It is because of its finishes and its technology that the Talius Caiman remains one of our top positions as one of the best gaming chairs currently, with a more than reasonable price and a respectable list of technical specifications that you can consult below.

Name Talius Cayman
Price €294
outer material PU (polyurethane)
internal material High density foam
armrests Adjustable (4D)
Base Type: star | Finish: painted black | Dimensions: 700mm
Wheel Material: Polyurethane
Elevator 80mm Class 4 gas spring
Back Adjustable 90-155º
Cushions Cervical, lumbar and leg rest
swingarm Double Action (Frog Mechanism)
General measures 74 x 137-143 (width x height)
Net weight 25kg
Maximum weight 120 kg (Maximum weight allowed with the backrest in an upright position)
Colors Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange and Black

Secretlab Omega

In a few words, the AAA of gaming chairs. The undisputed winner in quality and also in price, which is crowned by offering the best gaming chairs ever created and that is, we can customize them practically entirely. From its size, its materials and aesthetics, the Secretlab brand gaming chairs are reserved for a very demanding type of public when it comes to sitting.

Because Secretlab is the only brand that works with natural leather, as well as synthetic leather and even fabric , which is why we indicate that it has a price starting at €359, corresponding to the Secretlab Omega model that we will analyze below.

It’s hard to know where to start: its own synthetic (PU) 2.0 leather, with a new level of flex and abrasion resistance 4 times more durable than regular PU leather, and nearly waterproof, its improved Secretlab proprietary foam blend cold-cured, 7-year warranty, 4D armrests, internal metal mechanism and, to top it off, it has pillows with cold-effect gel. Do you want to finish falling in love? Here we give you the rest of the details.

Name Secretlab Omega
Price €359
outer material PU (Polyurethane) 2.0
internal material High density foam patented by Secretlab
armrests Adjustable (4D) with internal metal mechanism
Base Type: star | Finish: painted black | Dimensions: 700mm
Wheel Material: Nylon
Elevator 80mm Class 4 gas spring
Back Adjustable 90-155º
Cushions Cervical and lumbar
swingarm Double Action (Frog Mechanism)
General measures 70 x 126-136 x 49 cm (width x height x depth)
Net weight 30kg
Maximum weight 110 kg (Maximum weight allowed with the backrest in an upright position)
Colors Secretlab Originals, Esports Editions, Official Special Editions

What is the gaming chair of the year?

We have tried to be as impartial as possible and you already know that, for our editor, everything related to both technology and gaming are sacred . And the truth is, if we had to buy a chair both for the office and for home (although teleworking we can say that it is the same) it would be without a doubt:

The Drift DR500, for us the best gaming chair this year. Because it has it all, good materials, durability, innovation and above all a totally spectacular and unusual price with which no brand of gaming chairs can currently compete. Just for a little more, you can have one of the best gaming chairs on the market without going over the €250 barrier and that ensures durability and profitability for several years.

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