The best motorhomes of 2022

Discover which are the best motorhomes of 2022, equipment and luxury go hand in hand in these houses on wheels. We show you its features and prices so you can choose the one you like best.

The best motorhomes are those that adapt to your needs, preferences, tastes and budget; but if you want to know what the sector offers, do not miss this selection before deciding to buy. Know more about Mercedes benz cls-class ne shitje.

Motorhomes 2022

Below we show you which are the best motorhomes so that you can select the one that interests you the most. In the market you will find many novelties designed for all travel styles. Discover them.

Phoenix Maxi Liner 8900 BM_MB

It is one of the largest on the market thanks to its 9 meters in length , it has four approved seats for traveling and it has luxury finishes and technology. Its steering wheel is removable to expand the cabin space, which has a very elegant touch thanks to its leather seats.

The furniture is of high quality with comfortable sofas in the living room , front tilting bed 140 centimeters wide. Its price is 400,000 euros , a luxury that is completed with its kitchen with glass cabinet with four shelves, coffee maker, oven and 195-litre refrigerator. In the back there is a bedroom with a double bed , television and wardrobes.

volkswagen grand california

One of its main advantages is its design since it incorporates the maneuverability of a camper with the features of a motorhome. Its strong points include its bed measuring 193 by 140 centimeters and a bunk bed designed for the little ones measuring 160 by 122 centimeters in the 600 version. But if what you want is a much larger bed, you can opt for the 800, which has a Kings Size mattress of 200 by 170 centimeters.

It is equipped with a spacious living room, kitchen with large storage space, fridge, gas and a full bathroom to make the most of your getaways. You can get yours from 72,500 euros.

Adria Astella

It is one of the most revolutionary motorhomes on the market since it was born with the concept of a luxury vacation home , but with the advantages of a caravan. Its design is very remarkable since it has minimalist, elegant and sophisticated lines. Inside it has a functional and very spacious space.

The living room has panoramic access doors which provides a great feeling of spaciousness that allows you to enjoy the outside. On the other hand, the kitchen is large and has a comfortable bathroom with exclusive and elegant finishes. The bedroom is private and includes two bunk beds designed for two people as well as a sofa bed that can sleep two more people. Its price is 60,000 euros.

Hobby Optima Ontour Edition

It is a compact and versatile motorhome with which you can make both city tours and long road trips. This is possible thanks to its dimensions of 2.16 meters in width to circulate agilely on any road.

In its interior, its storage space stands out, made up of large-capacity cabinets suspended on the layers with an upper opening to gain habitability. It has a skylight equipped with a mosquito net to prevent the entry of insects and a curtain designed to prevent the entry of light when necessary. A large hinged window with tinted glass allows ventilation and natural light to enter the cabin in a very simple way. The price of this vehicle stands at 51,000 euros .

Bürstner Lyseo Td Privilege

It is one of the most popular motorhomes in Europe because it is a very versatile and practical model for traveling at any time of the year thanks to its insulation. The price starts at 70,544 euros , but it has many customization possibilities and extras so that it can be adapted to all audiences and needs. Thus, it has a very interesting design and a very complete equipment.

Pile Pacific 696D

If you want to travel comfortably and enjoy a large interior space for you and your family, this model may be the most suitable since it has a large bed with a tilting roof over the dining room. This is spacious thanks to its facing seats designed to accommodate up to 7 people . It has a folding table next to a large window to provide light.

The well-proportioned kitchen has plenty of furniture to store food and utensils, as well as a 160-litre refrigerator and a three-burner hob. The bathroom is another of its strong points as it is equipped with a separate shower and a skylight that provides the necessary light for a pleasant stay. Its price is 54,500 euros.

Benimar Amphitryon

The brand’s models have an integral bodywork and an exterior decoration that opts for dark and matte tones . It has a very interesting interior with a renewed design, more efficient lighting and rear seats designed to travel with the little ones as they have an ISOFIX system for placing child restraint seats.

The bedroom is equipped with a central bed that is completed with a drop -down one inside the cabin. For its part, the living room has facing sofas to optimize space. One of its main attractions is its extra-large front door to enhance comfort. Its price is 65,300 euros , but it has versions that allow you to add extras such as underfloor heating to further increase the comfort of the whole family.

Autostar I730 LCA

It has a front dining room designed to accommodate up to 6 guests thanks to its distribution of swivel seats and large sofas. This room also has a dining table that can be easily removed, on which a skylight is located that helps to bring light to the room.

As for the rest space, it is equipped with a low tilting bed for two people that is completed with a large bedroom located in the back, it also has a lot of space for storage since it has wardrobes on both sides of the bed. stay. The kitchen is equipped with 3 burners, a 175 liter capacity refrigerator , storage space and an extractor fan. Its equipment is completed by a bathroom divided into two spaces with wood panelling. The price of the motorhome is around 80,000 euros.

Holiday Rambler Nautica

It is a motorhome designed to be enjoyed at any time of the year thanks to its equipment and features that guarantee greater maneuverability in any type of conditions.

Inside it has large 360 ??degree windows that turn the rooms into viewpoints to enjoy nature . On the other hand, its design is reminiscent of a house by the sea thanks to its stainless steel sink and glass tile plates. You can get one from 200,700 euros.

Winnebago 4WD Revel

One of its main attractions is its turbodiesel engine to be able to drive easily with it without worries. It is designed to maintain the comfort of its occupants and their independence, as it incorporates hydronic heating and two LiFePO batteries with greater autonomy.

Its kitchen is one of its strong points since it has an outside table, allows the extension of the counter and a refrigerator that you can access both from inside and outside the vehicle . It also has a large counter, storage space and a storable induction hob. Its price is 112,000 euros .

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