What is Damon Salvatore Rule 35 Meaning?

Specific phrases and references pique enthusiasts’ curiosity in the vast landscape of internet subcultures and fandoms. One such intriguing term is the “Damon Salvatore Rule 35 Meaning.”

If you’re a fan of the hit TV series “The Vampire Diaries,” you might have stumbled upon discussions about this mysterious rule. In this blog post, we aim to unravel the enigma behind Damon Salvatore Rule 35 and shed light on its significance.

What is Damon Salvatore Rule 35?

Damon Salvatore Rule 35 is a reference that has gained prominence within online communities, particularly those dedicated to “The Vampire Diaries.”

To understand its meaning, we must first delve into the character of Damon Salvatore. Played by actor Ian Somerhalder, Damon is a charismatic, complex vampire with a penchant for unpredictability and moral ambiguity.

Why is Rule 35 Associated with Damon Salvatore?

The association between Damon Salvatore and Rule 35 stems from the internet culture’s fascination with creating rules and guidelines, often humorously or satirically, for various fictional characters.

Rule 35 is part of a broader set of rules, each attributed to a specific character or theme. For example, Rule 34 is a well-known internet meme stating that “if it exists, there is porn of it.”

The Origin of Damon Salvatore Rule 35

The origins of Damon Salvatore Rule 35 can be traced back to online forums and fan communities where enthusiasts engage in discussions, memes, and fan fiction related to “The Vampire Diaries.”

The rule likely emerged as a playful addition to the existing regulations associated with other characters from different fandoms.

What does Rule 35 specifically state about Damon Salvatore?

Rule 35 does not have a fixed, universally agreed-upon definition. Its interpretation may vary among fans and online communities.

Some see it as a reference to Damon Salvatore’s rebellious and rule-breaking nature within the show’s narrative, while others view it as a humorous take on his complex relationships.

Is Rule 35 unique to Damon Salvatore?

Rule 35 is a general internet meme format applied to various characters and situations. It is not exclusive to Damon Salvatore or “The Vampire Diaries.”

Different fandoms have their iterations of Rule 35, each tailored to the characteristics and quirks of the respective characters.

Are there other rules associated with characters from “The Vampire Diaries”?

Yes, the internet is filled with fan-created rules for characters from “The Vampire Diaries” and other popular shows. These rules often serve as a form of expression, capturing the essence of the characters humorously or exaggeratedly.

Exploring Interpretations

The beauty of internet memes and fan-created content lies in their subjective nature. Rule 35, associated with Damon Salvatore, is no exception.

Some fans interpret it as celebrating the character’s defiance of traditional norms. In contrast, others may see it as a lighthearted commentary on his romantic entanglements and interactions with other characters.

Rule 35 Beyond “The Vampire Diaries”

The versatility of Rule 35 extends far beyond the boundaries of Mystic Falls. Internet users have applied this meme to many characters from TV shows, movies, and real-life personalities. Its adaptability showcases the creativity and humor embedded in online fandoms.

Rule 35 in Fan-Fiction

Fan fiction writers often incorporate Rule 35 into their narratives, exploring alternative scenarios and character dynamics.

This adds another layer to the fandom experience, allowing enthusiasts to engage with their favorite characters uniquely and imaginatively.


In internet culture, Damon Salvatore Rule 35 is a testament to fandoms’ creativity and humor.

While its meaning may not be set in stone, the enjoyment derived from its use lies in the diverse interpretations and discussions it sparks within the online community.

Whether you view it as a quirky internet meme or a profound commentary on Damon Salvatore’s character, Rule 35 adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the fan experience.

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