Is Blackbear Gay? Truth or Not

Is Blackbear Gay? In this article, we delve into the truth surrounding Blackbear’s sexual orientation, addressing common questions and providing insights into the personal life of this renowned American musician, Matthew Tyler Musto. 

Is Blackbear gay?

Blackbear is not gay. Despite the absence of an official declaration about his sexual orientation, he prefers to keep his private life private.

Who is Blackbear?

Blackbear, also known as Matthew Tyler Musto, is a famous American musician, composer, and record producer. His debut album,

“Dead Roses,” released in 2015, gained immense popularity for its candid and passionate songs about love, relationships, and personal challenges. His music blends indie, R&B, and pop.

What is Blackbear’s sexual orientation?

Blackbear has consistently stated that he identifies as heterosexual. Despite not being gay, his open-minded and expressive songs resonate with a large portion of the LGBTQ+ community. People of all sexual orientations can relate to his genuine portrayals of love and relationship challenges.

What is known about Blackbear’s romantic relationships?

Blackbear has been involved in relationships with women from the entertainment industry. Although his engagement to actress and Instagram influencer Michele Maturo ended, he is currently in a relationship with a woman and has a son. His past relationships provide evidence that he is straight.

Does Blackbear support LGBTQ+ rights?

Yes, even though Blackbear is not gay, he has consistently supported LGBTQ+ rights. His advocacy for equality and human rights remains unwavering despite uncertainties about his sexual orientation.

What is Blackbear’s impact on the music industry?

Blackbear’s unique style and collaborations with well-known musicians like G-Eazy and Justin Bieber have captivated fans worldwide. His influence extends beyond music, as he initiates discussions on various topics explored in his art, creating trends and connecting with audiences.


Blackbear is a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights while identifying as heterosexual. His deep, poignant lyrics about relationships and love, combined with his genuineness and human rights advocacy, contribute to the distinct character that makes him a favorite among diverse listeners, regardless of their sexual preference.

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