The Russian Fashion Bloggers in New York | Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the world of Russian fashion in New York City (NYC), the center of the fashion industry. The Big Apple, sometimes referred to as this city, has long served as the hub of the fashion sector. Russian fashion bloggers have invaded NYC with their distinctive style and fashion, significantly impacting the fashion industry. This article will take you on a journey to understand the influence of twelve successful Russian fashion bloggers in NYC.

Anastasia Reshetova: The Rising Fashion Star in NYC

Anastasia Reshetova, a famous Russian fashion model and Miss Russian Earth 2013, has taken NYC by storm with her unique fashion sense. Her fashion blog showcases a mix of classic and trendy styles, capturing the attention of many fashion enthusiasts. Her stylish journey in the fashion industry is an inspiration to many young aspiring fashionistas.

Nastasya Samburskaya: Multifaceted Style Icon

Next up is the dynamic Russian actress and fashion designer Nastasya Samburskaya. This multifaceted style icon blends her charisma with fashion, creating a strong style statement. Her fashion blog gives her followers a glimpse into her unique style and personal life.

Masha Minogarova: Turning Heads in the Big Apple

Masha Minogarova, the Russian Doll Top Model, has made her mark in international fashion projects. She stands out in the dynamic metropolis of New York because of her simple yet elegant sense of style.

Maryana RO: A Fusion of Humor and Style

Maryana RO is a model and influencer known for her pranks and collaborations. Her sense of humor and style make her a favorite among her followers. She brings a fresh perspective to fashion with her fun and playful manner.

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Maria Sharapova: Ace of Fashion

Maria Sharapova is not just a celebrity on the tennis court but is also well-known in the fashion industry. With her effortlessly chic and athletic style, Maria continues to inspire her millions of followers across the globe, proving that style and sports can make a stunning combination.

Ekaterina Klimova: From Screen to Streets

Television personality Ekaterina Klimova has been turning heads in New York with her unique fashion ideas. She has a significant position in the fashion business because of her distinctive style, a fusion of current and traditional. Her blog offers fashion enthusiasts an insight into her fashion world, making her an influencer to reckon with.

Polina Proshkina: Trendsetter in the City

Polina Proshkina, a fresh face in the fashion industry, is known for her trendy fashion sense. She’s constantly seen sporting the latest styles in her blog and social media platforms, establishing herself as a true trendsetter in New York City.

Natalia Vodianova: Model, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Natalia Vodianova, an established model, and entrepreneur, has also made waves with her philanthropy work. Her elegance and sophistication are reflected in her fashion choices, making her a true embodiment of beauty with a purpose.

Dasha Dereviankina: Elegant and Modern

Dasha Dereviankina, a television personality known for her modern and elegant style, has won many hearts with her fashion blog. Her style perfectly blends sophistication and trendiness, proving that elegance never goes out of style.

Olga Buzova: Singing the Fashion Tune

Known for her music and television career, Olga Buzova’s entry into the fashion world has been remarkable. She experiments with various styles and is known for her bold fashion, reflecting her vibrant personality.

Yana Rudkovskaya: A Fashion Darling

As an entrepreneur and television producer, Yana Rudkovskaya is no stranger to the spotlight. Her fashion sense has made her a darling in the industry, with many following her for style inspiration.

Vera Brezhneva: Singing the Style Song

Last but not least, singer and actress Vera Brezhneva’s creative fashion sense is captivating. Known for stylish outfits, she effortlessly stays on top of the latest trends, proving her fashion prowess.


The Russian fashion bloggers have not only changed the fashion game in New York but have also influenced the global fashion industry. Their unique sense of style and fashion-forward ideas continue to inspire millions worldwide.


Who are some of the top Russian fashion bloggers in NYC?

Anastasia Reshetova, Nastasya Samburskaya, and Masha Minogarova are some of the top Russian fashion bloggers in NYC.

How have Russian fashion bloggers impacted the NYC fashion industry?

Russian fashion bloggers have brought a unique sense of style and a fresh perspective to the NYC fashion industry, influencing local and global fashion trends.

What makes Russian fashion unique?

Russian fashion combines tonal and modern elements, creating a unique blend of elegant and contemporary styles.

Can I follow these Russian fashion bloggers?

You can follow these fashion bloggers on their social media platforms, mainly Instagram and blogs.

Why is NYC important for fashion bloggers?

NYC is a global fashion capital, making it an ideal location for fashion bloggers.

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