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It may be extremely tough, full of uncertainty and grief, to lose a loved one.

Silmon-Seroyer Funeral Home understands the profound grief you’re going through and stands ready to provide professional, compassionate, and personalized funeral services that honor the life of your departed loved one.

Funeral Services Personalized Arrangements

Understanding Your Needs

At Silmon-Seroyer Funeral Home, we believe each family deserves a unique, personalized funeral service that mirrors the life and personality of their loved one. We work closely with you to understand your needs, preferences, and traditions, crafting a service that respects and celebrates the life that was lived.

Casket Choices & Flower Arrangements

From casket choices to funeral flowers, we pay attention to every detail. We offer various casket options and funeral flower arrangements to suit all preferences and budgets. Each element is designed to create a heartfelt, respectful remembrance of your loved one.

Compassion in Times of Need

Emotional Support

During such a difficult time, you need a funeral home that provides excellent service and understands your emotional challenges. Our compassionate staff is committed to supporting you, providing guidance and assistance whenever needed.

Honesty, Excellence, and Trust

Serving LaFayette Community

Silmon-Seroyer Funeral Home has served the La Fayette, Alabama community with honesty, excellence, and professionalism for years. Our commitment to exceptional service has made us a trusted partner for countless families during their most challenging times.

Funeral Home Assistance

Guidance & Support

Dealing with funeral arrangements can be overwhelming, especially when grieving. Our staff supports you and will give you direction at every turn. Additionally, our extensive website is a great source of knowledge and help.

Convenient Location

In the Heart of La Fayette, Alabama

Located at 612 M. L. King Drive SE in La Fayette, Alabama, Silmon-Seroyer Funeral Home ensures that finding a trusted funeral home in your time of need isn’t an added stress. You can reach us anytime required thanks to our accessible location.

Commemorating Lives

Celebrating Individuality

At Silmon-Seroyer Funeral Home, we believe in celebrating the individuality of each life lived. We offer various services to commemorate your loved ones in a manner that reflects their unique personalities. Through our website, you can directly order flowers, sign and view the condolences book, and share cherished memories.

Memorial Services

To help you and your family honor the life of your loved one, we provide memorial services. We organize a special event where you may tell tales and commemorate the legacy left behind.

Ordering Flowers & Condolence Book

Flowers express what words often cannot. They represent love, respect, and condolence in a universal language. You can conveniently order flowers directly delivered to the services or the family home from our website.

Grief Support

Grief Counseling

The process of grieving is unique to each person. We understand this journey and are here to provide grief support resources and counseling to guide you through this challenging period. We want to offer you comfort and the power to move on.

Serving Veterans

Veteran Services

Silmon-Seroyer Funeral Home proudly serves our nation’s veterans with honor and respect. We offer comprehensive services for veterans, including assistance obtaining headstones and burial flags, ensuring they receive the award and tribute they deserve.

Headstones & Burial Flags

As a testament to their noble service, we assist in procuring veterans’ headstones and burial flags, ensuring a fitting tribute and memorial.

Contact Information

Available Contact Channels

We are here for you through these trying times. Call us at 1-334-864-7208 to talk with a sympathetic funeral director or to learn more about our offerings or team is prepared to help you however we can.


The loss of a loved one is a difficult path to walk alone. Trust Silmon-Seroyer Funeral Home to support you every step of the way. Our staff is committed to offering polite, sensitive services that respect and honor the life of your loved one. We’re here for you – from the initial planning stages to the final goodbyes and beyond.


What services does Silmon-Seroyer Funeral Home offer?

Silmon-Seroyer Funeral Home provides various services, including traditional funeral services, cremation, veteran services, grief support, and personalized memorial services.

How can I contact Silmon-Seroyer Funeral Home?

You can contact us at 1-334-864-7208 or visit our location at 612 M. L. King Drive SE in La Fayette, Alabama.

Does Silmon-Seroyer Funeral Home provide veteran services?

 Yes, we offer comprehensive services to veterans, including assistance in obtaining headstones and burial flags.

Can I order flowers through your website?

Yes, you can directly order flowers from our website. The flowers can be delivered to the service or family home as preferred.

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