What Does it Mean to Calling Restrictions Announcement 19?

Calling Restrictions Announcement 19 (CRA 19) is a term often encountered in the telecommunications industry, but many people may need help understanding its significance. This post aims to comprehensively understand CRA 19, its implications, and how it may affect consumers.

What Does it Mean to Calling Restrictions Announcement 19?

CRA 19 refers to a specific announcement code used in the telecommunications industry to indicate that a call cannot be completed as dialed due to certain restrictions or limitations. This code is typically encountered when calling a specific destination or phone number.

In many cases, CRA 19 is associated with restrictions imposed by telecommunications providers, such as international call blocking, toll-free number restrictions, or limitations on certain types of calls based on the user’s service plan.

What Does it Mean to Calling Restrictions Announcement 19

How does CRA 19 impact consumers?

For consumers, encountering CRA 19 can be frustrating, as the call they are attempting to make cannot be completed as dialed.

This may be due to various reasons, such as international calling restrictions, blocked numbers, or limitations set by the service provider.

What are the common reasons for encountering CRA 19?

  • International call restrictions: CRA 19 may be triggered when attempting an international call if the user’s service plan does not support international dialing or the destination country is restricted.
  • Toll-free number restrictions: Some service plans may restrict calls to toll-free numbers, leading to the presentation of CRA 19.
  • Network-based restrictions: Telecommunications providers may implement network-level restrictions that trigger CRA 19 for certain calls, such as premium rate numbers or specific services.

How can consumers address CRA 19 issues?

  • Contacting the service provider: Consumers encountering CRA 19 can contact their service provider to understand the specific restrictions and explore options to lift or modify them.
  • Alternative communication methods: If CRA 19 is encountered when making international calls, consumers can explore alternative communication methods such as VoIP services, messaging apps, or callback services to bypass restrictions.


Calling Restrictions Announcement 19 (CRA 19) plays a crucial role in telecommunications, indicating various limitations and restrictions that may impact consumers when making calls.

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