What to Wear to Jury Duty to Not Get Picked

Understanding Jury Duty Dress Code

General Guidelines for Attire

When it comes to jury duty, it’s essential to dress professionally and respectfully. Although dress codes vary by courthouse, specific attire is generally considered inappropriate. This includes tank tops, midriff tops, cropped tops, halters, shorts, t-shirts with offensive graphics or wording, flip flops, pool shoes, tight athletic wear, and leggings.

Dress Code Exceptions

Some exceptions may be made for religious reasons or other exceptional circumstances. It’s always a good idea to verify their dress code with your local courthouse.

Women’s Outfit Ideas for Jury Duty

Dresses and Skirts

For women, dresses and skirts are acceptable options for jury duty. Ensure they are appropriate, typically knee-length or longer, and not too form-fitting. Pair your dress or skirt with a blouse, sweater, or jacket for a polished look.

Pants and Blouses

Women can also opt for pants and blouses for jury duty. Choose comfortable and professional-looking pants, such as slacks or relaxed-fit jeans, without rips or tears. Pair your pants with a conservative blouse or button-down shirt.

Men’s Outfit Suggestions

Pants and Shirts

For jury duty, men should wear pants, such as slacks or jeans, without rips or tears. Pair your pants with a collared shirt like a button-down or polo shirt.

Blazers and Ties

While not required, men can also choose to wear a blazer or sport coat with their shirt and pants. Ties are optional but can add a touch of professionalism to your outfit.

Tips for Comfort and Style

Stretch and Loose-Fitting Clothes

Since you’ll likely be sitting long, choose clothes with some stretch or loose-fitting for all-day comfort. You may also want to bring a sweater or jacket, as courtrooms are often chilly.

Choosing the Right Shoes

Closed-toe shoes are recommended for both men and women. Avoid wearing sandals or flip-flops, as they are considered too casual. Opt for comfortable yet stylish shoes like loafers, ballet flats, or dress shoes.

Courtroom Etiquette and Accessories

Be mindful of courtroom etiquette when selecting your accessories. Keep jewelry to a minimum, as you must pass through a metal detector. If you wear makeup, opt for a light daytime look. Hats are generally not permitted in the courtroom except for religious purposes.


When Attending jury duty, it’s crucial to dress appropriately and respectfully. By following the general guidelines and outfit suggestions provided in this article, you can ensure that you adhere to the court’s dress code and feel comfortable and confident throughout the day.

In addition to dressing professionally, it’s essential to maintain proper courtroom etiquette and consider practical factors such as the temperature and sitting for extended periods. Doing so demonstrates respect for the court and increases your chances of making a positive impression on those around you.

While dressing appropriately is essential, the ultimate goal is to fulfill your civic duty and contribute to the judicial process. So, remember these tips, and you’ll be well-prepared for your jury duty experience.


What is the dress code for jury duty?

While dress codes may vary by courthouse, generally, you should dress professionally and respectfully. Avoid casual attire, such as tank tops, shorts, t-shirts with inappropriate graphics, flip flops, or tight athletic wear. Business casual attire is typically acceptable.

Can I wear jeans to jury duty?

Yes, you can wear jeans to jury duty, provided they are without rips or tears. Opt for relaxed-fit jeans with some stretch for all-day comfort. However, checking with your local courthouse to confirm their dress code is always best.

Are sandals allowed in the courtroom?

Sandals are generally considered too casual for the courtroom. It’s recommended to wear closed-toe shoes, such as loafers, ballet flats, or dress shoes.

What should I wear to avoid getting picked for jury duty?

While there’s no guaranteed way to avoid getting picked, dressing professionally and respectfully is essential. Remember that your attire should not be the primary focus, as the goal is to fulfill your civic duty.

Is it okay to wear a hat to jury duty?

Hats are usually not permitted in the courtroom except for religious purposes. It’s best to avoid wearing a hat unless necessary for religious reasons.

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