Which ICS Function is Responsible for Documentation of Mutual Aid Agreements?

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Which ICS Function is Responsible for Documentation of Mutual Aid Agreements?


According to the web search results, there is some disagreement about which ICS function is responsible for documentation of mutual aid agreements. Some sources say it is the Planning Section, while others say it is the Finance/Administration Section.

The Planning Section is responsible for developing and updating the Incident Action Plan (IAP), which outlines the incident objectives, strategies, and tactics. The IAP may include mutual aid agreements as part of the resource management component of the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

The Finance/Administration Section is responsible for tracking the costs and accounting of the incident. This may involve documenting the terms and conditions of mutual aid agreements, such as reimbursement, liability, and compensation. Consider consulting with your applicable legal authorities before entering into a mutual aid agreement or compact.


What are mutual aid agreements?

Mutual aid agreements are formal arrangements between agencies, organizations, or jurisdictions that establish resource-sharing and coordination protocols during emergencies or major incidents. These agreements enable entities to assist one another by providing personnel, equipment, expertise, or other resources when needed.

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