Which Statement Best Describes ICS Form 201? 2024

The Incident Command System (ICS) Form 201, is commonly called the Incident Briefing form. Serves as a vital tool for providing a comprehensive overview of the incident situation, resource status, and the actions undertaken by the Incident Management Team (IMT) during an operational period.

What is ICS Form 201

The acronym ICS refers to the Incident Command System, and Form 201 is considered a documented historical record of the initial response to an incident. The primary objective is to provide crucial details to the Incident Commander about available resources and the incident’s circumstances.

Purpose of ICS Form 201

The Incident Briefing form furnishes the Incident Commander, leadership, and General Staff with basic details about the incident’s scenario and assigned resources.

Preparation of ICS Form 201

The outgoing Incident Commander receives the form and an oral briefing from the current Incident Commander. When creating a map of the incident, appropriate symbols should be utilized.

Distribution of ICS Form 201

The incident briefing is disseminated to Command employees, the Chief of various sections, Branch Directors, supervisors, and the Planning and Logistics department members. The Situation Unit receives the sketch map. While the Resources Unit receives an overview of the organizational structure and available resources.

Key Features of ICS Form 201

  1. Synopsis of Incident Situation: It presents a concise overview of the incident situation, encompassing current and forecasted behavior, current weather conditions, and a map of the incident.
  2. Organization Overview: The form outlines the existing organization structure, including the names of the Incident Commander and Command Staff.
  3. Summary of Actions: It summarises current actions and outlines general control objectives for managing the incident.
  4. Resource Summary: The form includes a summary of resources assigned to the incident, detailing the status and location of resources, along with any notable issues or concerns.

Incorrect Options

A. The completion of ICS Form 208, addressing safety concerns and mitigation measures, is the responsibility of the Safety Officer, not Form 201.

B. A Single Resource Unit Leader typically uses forms like ICS Form 214 for tracking activities, not Form 201.

C. ICS Form 204 is employed to list resources and organizational assignments for upcoming operational periods, distinct from the purpose of Form 201.

Objectives of ICS Form 201

  • List of resources and team members.
  • Goals and actions planned by the team members.
  • Quick description of upcoming events.
  • A map or sketch of the activity location.

5 Major Functional Areas of ICS

  1. Operations: The Operations Section Chief manages tactical activities during an incident.
  2. Command: Encompassing command, section, and branch levels with main posts such as Liaison Officer, Safety Officer, and Public Information Officer.
  3. Finance: Overseen by the Finance Chief, managing all financial aspects of an incident.
  4. Logistics: Handling incident support requirements, excluding air operations logistics assistance.
  5. Planning: Responsible for organizing planning sessions and providing planning services for the incident.


ICS Form 201 is a crucial component in incident management, offering a comprehensive view of the situation and resources.

The statement that best describes ICS Form 201 comprises status information facilitating the briefing of incoming Incident Commanders or other resources.

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